Dumb-Ass of the Day

A 45-year-old guy named Michael Haag was on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina last week, and apparently, he was pounding double vodka and tonics. 

Then he started making the women sitting near him uncomfortable . . . by telling them he was, quote, "physically excited" . . . staring at them . . . and even touching one of their legs. 

The flight attendants moved him to an empty row in the back of the plane . . . and that's where he whipped out his junk and started PEEING on the seat in front of him. 

And a woman who was sitting across the aisle took an INCREDIBLE action shot that shows what he was doing perfectly. 

When the flight landed, Michael was escorted off by the police.  Now he's facing federal charges for interfering with flight crew members and indecent exposure.  

(The Smoking Gun)

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