Burger King Announced a New "Whopper Donut"

Burger King could basically print money if they figured out a way to make a hybrid of a donut and a WHOPPER.  This . . . isn't that.

Tomorrow is National Donut Day, and in honor of that very important holiday, Burger King just announced they're going to release a new Whopper Donut.

But don't get too excited . . . they're not putting a burger on a glazed donut bun on anything.  They're just cutting a hole in the center of a regular Whopper.  And if you order it, you also get the section they cut out on the side as a "slider." 

Anyway, they're only serving the donuts at five stores . . . one in New York, Boston, Miami, L.A., and Salt Lake City. 

And I'm thinking they're NOT going to be such a runaway hit that they have to introduce them nationwide.  


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