Keeping your prostate in pristine condition’s something all guys should do. And according to new research, there’s something you can do…and will enjoy doing…that’s been shown to significantly reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

A report published in European Urology has revealed that orgasms can have a key role in keeping the prostate tip-top shape. The point of the study was to look at how the frequency of shooting for the moon affected the frequency of that ugly form of cancer. For guys 20-29, they found that those two burned one out at least 21 times in a month were 19% less likely to be diagnosed than those who achieved the “big O” 4-7 times in a month. Men 40-49 faired even better at 22% less likely.

For those not fortunate enough to have an action-packed sex life, there’s some good news: it doesn’t matter if you have a partner, or if you’re doing the one-fisted mambo.

And sure, more research much be done as to why things work out this way, but the conventional wisdom is that the frequent clearing of the prostate helps cut the chances of “tumor-triggering infections” developing.

Maybe you’ll soon be able to charge your lube and YouPorn subscriptions to your health care savings account! It’s preventative care, after all.

Source: European Urology

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