Have Dad Turned Into A Giant Cheese Sculpture For Father’s Day

If you haven’t finished your Father’s Day gift shopping yet, here’s a last-minute idea: have dear old dad’s image carved into a huge block of cheese. Kraft is behind the wacky offer on eBay, where the top five bidders in this special 48-hour auction will win a custom-made cheese sculpture. And they’ll get it to you by Sunday, in time to celebrate Father’s Day.

Kraft will ask the top five winners for a photo of their dad and then they’ll have a professional sculptor carve a bust in his likeness from a 40-pound block of cheddar. It’ll be finished the day before Father’s Day and sent to you. At last check the current bid was $2,025, so it’s not cheap, but you can feel good about the purchase because Kraft isn’t keeping the cash. They’re giving 100% of the funds and matching the donation to Feeding America, the biggest hunger relief organization in the U.S.

The auction closes today, June 12th at 3 p.m. PST and it’s only available to folks who live in the 48 contiguous states. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii.

Source: Foodbeast

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