It's So Hot That . . .

1.  It's so hot that it's gotten up over 90 degrees in SIBERIA.  That's almost double the normal temperature at this time of year. 

2.  It's so hot that a road melted in Newcastle, England . . . and a guy's foot sank in and he got stuck.  The fire department had to use a hammer and chisel to get him out.  (Here's a picture.)

3.  It's so hot that it's slowing down stock trading.  The humidity is affecting radio transmissions to data centers in New Jersey, which is adding about eight microseconds to every stock trade . . . and that can actually make a huge difference. 

4.  It's so hot that fields in the country Wales are drying up . . . and revealing evidence of ancient civilizations underneath them.  (Here are a few pictures.)

5.  And finally, it's so hot that someone in Quebec rigged tubes from their car into their apartment . . . to pump in more air conditioning.  And someone else took a picture.  (Here's the picture.)

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