The Biggest Product Flops Of All Time

Companies are releasing new products all the time, hoping they’ll come out with something that folks just got to have, but more often than not, products don’t exactly go over well with the public, and some have been spectacular failures.

Well, 24/7 Wall Street has just come out with the list of the Biggest Product Flops of All Time, and many of these products cost companies millions, and even billions. 

Overall, the site has picked Google Glass as the biggest flop ever. The product, released in 2013, was an eyeglasses shaped head-mounted display with smartphone capabilities, but it saw two years of disappointing sales, before they finally discontinued the product in 2015.

  • Other products making the list include Apple’s PDA The Newton, the “ET The Extra Terrestrial” video game, which was deemed too difficult, Burger King’s Satisfries, which were supposed to be a healthy alternative to fries, and smokeless cigarettes.

Top Ten Product Flops Of All Time(click here to see the Top 50)

  1. Google Glass (Google)
  2. The Newton (Apple)
  3. ET The Extra-Terrestrial video game (Atari)
  4. Satisfries (Burger King)
  5. Premier smokeless cigarettes (RJ Reynolds)
  6. Cheetos Lip Balm (Frito-Lay)
  7. “Terra Nova” TV Show (Fox)
  8. Touch of Yogurt Shampoo (Clairol)
  9. New Coke (Coca-Cola)
  10. Windows Vista (Microsoft) 

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

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