Looking for a Place to Go on That First Date? Maybe 7-11

A dating app called Clover analyzed data from 3.5 million of their users' first dates to figure out the most popular places people went.  And since they're dealing with people all over the country, the results are almost all huge chains. 

The 10 most popular first date spots are:  Starbucks . . . Chick-fil-A . . . In-N-Out Burger . . . Texas Roadhouse . . . Panera Bread . . . Chipotle . . . the café at Barnes and Noble . . . Olive Garden . . . Buffalo Wild Wings . . . and Cheesecake Factory.

 Also, when you get further down the list, 7-Eleven came in 17th.  I'm not even sure how you go on a date to 7-Eleven. 

There's only one place in the entire top 30 that's not a major chain:  Central Park in New York came in 23rd.  


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