How Much Would You Pay For A Good Night’s Sleep?

We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is, and it’s so important to folks they’d be willing to shell out a lot of money if it meant guaranteeing a good night sleep. In fact, a new poll by Mattress Firm finds that folks would be willing to spend $290 a day for the perfect night sleep, which translates to a whopping $105,000 a year. 

Now just how bad are folks doing when it comes to getting enough sleep? Well, while doctors recommend eight hours a night, the average American gets only about six hours and 17 minutes. What’s more, most folks get about 106 “perfect” nights of sleep each year and another 99 terrible nights, which amounts to about 30% of their yearly sleep.

As for how people characterize their sleep, 36% say they sleep “very well,” while 39% say “somewhat well,” 21% not very well and 4% not well at all.

So, what are the secrets to getting a good night sleep? Well, most people say it’s eating a good meal, taking a shower and reading a good book, while others say it’s all about having a really good mattress.

Ten “Secrets” To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Eat a good meal, take a shower and read a good book.
  2. A good mattress.
  3. A nice cool room where it is not hot at all. Blankets rolled up to elevate my legs and a fan blowing loudly to drown out any sound from in the house or from outside.
  4. Drink milk and eat kiwi before bed.
  5. Count the number of breaths you take.
  6. Lavender in a diffuser.
  7. Listen to the radio or podcast.
  8. Meditate a minimum of 10 minutes.
  9. Not have anything with sugar at least four hours before going to sleep.
  10. Watch TV

Source: SWNS Digital

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