The XFL Will Have 3-Point Tries and 2-Point Overtime Shootouts

Now that the AAF is done . . . after lasting just EIGHT WEEKS . . . let's move onto the next wannabe football league: The return of the XFL. Which itself only lasted 12 WEEKS the first time around back in 2001.

Yesterday, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck talked about some of the things that'll separate their league from the NFL, when it launches next year.

For starters, after scoring a touchdown, teams will have THREE options for extra points: They can choose to go for a one-point conversion from the 2-yard line . . . a two-point try from the 5-yard line . . . or a three-point attempt from the 10.

So touchdowns can be worth anywhere from six to NINE points.

Their plans for overtime are also . . . interesting. It's a SHOOTOUT, where each team will have FIVE opportunities to convert a two-point conversion, which would be from the 5-yard line. If the defense gets a turnover, they score one point.

But it's even more insane than that, because both teams are doing it at the SAME TIME, on opposite sides of the field. So, 44 players will be on the field in overtime, with both teams' offenses and defenses on opposite ends of the field.

Luck said that this chaos would be completed in four or five minutes . . .that way games will only last three hours, even when they go into overtime.

The XFL is also redefining the term "forward pass," which could have some very fascinating consequences.

A forward pass will only be a pass that crosses the line of scrimmage . . . so you could have a DOUBLE forward pass as long as that first one doesn't cross the line.

Luck said he's a football "traditionalist," and doesn't want to eliminate kick-offs. Instead, the XFL is modeling their system after the CFL, which gives returners a five-yard protected halo to catch the ball.

And if all this isn't crazy enough, Luck said the XFL might consider allowing JOHNNY MANZIEL to join . . . even though league owner Vince McMahon has previously said that they won't accept players with a "criminal record."

Johnny was arrested for several minor misdemeanors seven years ago, and has dealt with substance abuse issues. But apparently none of that is significant enough to keep him out.

(ProFootballTalk/ESPN/USA Today)

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