A Former USAF Officer Says He Has a Piece of UFO Wreckage

If you've ever wondered if there is alien life among us, then this story is for you. Seems a former US Air Force sergeant has claimed that he buried metal from a recovered alien aircraft and cataloged 57 species of extraterrestrials while he was in the service.

Sergeant Clifford Stone claimed that in 1973, he was involved in the retrieval of a crashed extraterrestrial craft. He claims that he hid a small piece of the craft’s metal exterior in his boot and buried it near his home in New Mexico, Nevada after leaving the US Air Force in 1989.

If he is telling the truth, then there is tangible, physical proof of a “Close Encounter of the Second Kind," buried somewhere in New Mexico. 

He's actually done an interview about his discovery. You can judge for yourself.

Source: DailyStar

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