Minneapolis Considering Ban On Any New Drive-Thrus

You want a burger at 10pm in winter? Don’t live in Minneapolis. City leaders say their goal is to “reduce carbon emissions and increase density,” so any new business that wants to have a drive-thru window as part of their business model had best think again.

It seems Minneapolis is on a mission of “accomplishing carbon neutrality by 2050,” and drive-thru windows are on their target list. Mei-Ling Smith is a Code Development Senior Planner, and she says the windows “encourage driving, pollution, and for people to sit in their cars an idle.”Apparently, some things are worth more than steamy fries on the go.

But it’s not about “idling,” leaders say drive-thru windows “create safety hazard and breaks in pedestrian thoroughfare, and take up space that city planners would rather see used for development.”How big are the drive-thrus in Minneapolis?!

As you might expect, people are pissed…particularly seniors and people with disabilities, who you know…can’t always get out of a car and waltz in. So NOW there’s a proposal that’s been put forth does allow for curb-side pick-up (preferably with the engine off). The Planning Commission is set to vote July 3rd– and if it passes, it’ll go for a full vote by the city council.

Source:Fox 9

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