The Proper Technique For Hot Dog Grilling

When it comes to hot dogs, there’s a right way…and a wrong way. Boiling them and slapping them on a crappy bun with ketchup is the “wrong” way. Chef Joseph Rizza, executive chef at Prime & Provisions in Chicago knows the right way.

  • Be sure the meat is thoroughly thawed and at room temperature.
  • Use a properly heated charcoal grill, seeing that the coals are ashed all over and spread around with tongs. If you don’t have a grill, then you can use a cast-iron grill pan or pan with no oil.
  • Make five, or so, small slits in the meat (but not long-ways down the length) to prevent shriveling.
  • Each side will take 2-3 minutes for good charring. Make sure it’s evenly charred. Grass-fed franks might only need a minute because there’s less fat. Look for juices and plumping and you know it’s done, and don’t overcook unless you want to eat a mustard-covered firecracker that’s been exploded.
  • Brush your buns (the bread) with melted butter and put them on the top rack for 20 seconds. Give the wiener (the hot dog) a nice brushing, too.
  • Choose your toppings wisely.

Source:Men’s Health