A Bonerless Bathing Suit...

I've got to give it to Pornhub here: They truly want to make life better for all us perverts. Pornhub just announced they're selling a new product for men called the . . . Bonerless Bathing Suit. It's a bathing suit that's designed to hold down and hide your junk when you get excited. They say that the Lycra they used will keep things contained without being painful or, quote, "strangling" you.

There are just a couple of strikes against it. One, it's expensive. It costs $69.69, although you can use the coupon code "BONER" to save $20. Yes, "BONER."

Two, the bathing suit has the Pornhub logo on it, which kind of hurts its function as being a good option for UNDERCOVER perverts.

Anyway, if you're interested, you can buy one at . . .Bonerless.com. What a morning. 

(Men's Health

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