San Fran Dungeon Launching 'Rat Bar' Where You Can Pay To Drink With Rats

If you've ever dreamed of having a beer with a rat, you can soon do so in California. The San Francisco Dungeon in Fisherman's Wharf is launching an immersive experience about the city's "weird, twisted, dark" history-- which apparently involves rats. The location is known for its interactive tours through history, featuring live actors and special effects. Now it's opening Rat Bar, which will run June 13th to 15th, and offers guests an hour long "journey into the dark place where live rats run free and booze flows like water." One ticket will get your two "Ama-RAT-o Sours," and a ride learning about the gold rush, Chinatown gangs, shanghaiing, Alcatraz, and the plague. After the history lesson guests will be taken to the Rat Bar where they can touch and hold live rodents provided by a rescue group.