Our "Poor Bastard" of the Day

There's a 26-year-old guy in New York City, and on Friday night, he met a guy on the gay dating app Grindr. The guy came over, and they proceeded to have a CRAZY night including consensual sex, latex and rubber gloves, sex toys, and a sex swing.

But things took a turn when this guy criticized how SMALL his date's junk was.

The date got mad, choked the guy, and put him in a closet. And the guy thought it was part of their sex game . . . until the dude stole $3,000 and bailed.

The guy wanted to scream for help, but he had a ball gag in his mouth that was being held in place by a jock strap, so he couldn't.

Eventually he got free and called the cops. They took the gloves, toys, and sex swing as evidence . . . and they're trying to track down the other guy. 

(New York Post)

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