Debate: Should Movies Have Sex Scenes Removed?

Here’s a nice little debate-starter that comes from the “Unpopular Opinion” section of Reddit. The question was posed like this: “Sex scenes in movies are usually completely unnecessary, add nothing to the plot or character development, and just make me feel uncomfortable.”

From there, the vote was on to determine who else agreed with this cinematic sentiment. By a margin of 590-156, and counting, other users said they felt the same way about them. To get more in-depth, we dug deeper into the comment section.

  • “I wonder if porn numbs us. No penetration? What’s the point?”
  • “It does the same job when both characters wake up in bed together the next morning.”
  • “It’s as if I was secretly spying on a friend having sex. No thank you!”
  • “I’m going to cite the ‘Deadpool’ movies as excellent use of cinematic love making to nail it home (no pun intended).”
  • “I feel icky when watching people do it in a movie in front of my family.”
  • “Except the one in ‘Team America. Very important scene.”


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