Here's one for the Ladies... or Men...

According to Reddit user genericusername5250, daily use of his Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator for three months lead to permanent nerve damage in his fingers. His post has been upvoted 7.5k times on the r/sex subreddit and it is kiiiiiiinda scary to think about.

In his post, labeled, "Warning about Hitachi Vibrators," the author explains: “I use [my Hiatchi vibrator] daily. I hold it in my left hand. After three months of daily use, I started losing sensation in my fingertips. I thought no big deal. Took a break for a week. Still no feeling. Shrugged and went back it. Now, a year later, my ring-middle-pointer fingers have no sensation. I finally fessed up to my doctor, who did neuro testing and found out that my nerves are numb and it is permanent. They said it can happen from too much vibration.”

Um, WTF? Three months? That's like nothing? So, we asked a doctor how likely it is that your Hitachi would cause nerve damage. According to neurologist M. Asif Taqi, MD, "excessive use of any handheld tool (like the Hitachi vibrator) can impair sensations. Technicians using drilling machines exhibit the same type of nerve damage. It’s the excessive use of the machine that becomes problematic, not the RPM of the vibrator. Like many things, the key is to use these vibrators in moderation."

So, what qualifies as "in moderation"? Taqi says this means you should avoid everyday use. Three to four times a week is probably safe. The best course of action is to stop using your vibrator until normal sensation returns, says Taqi. More than likely, the sensation will return on its own, unless you continue to use the device despite having lost sensation. Again, if you're practicing Hitachi'ing in moderation, this shouldn't be an issue.

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