Restaurant Giving Away Free Pizza If You Put Your Phone Away

A Curry Pizza Company location in Fresno, California is running a promotion called the “Talk to Each Other Discount.” When a group of at least four people comes into the restaurant, they have the option to lock their smartphones in one of the establishment’s lockers. If they can make it through the entire meal without checking their phone, they either get a free pizza to take home or one for their next visit.

The restaurant says their goal is to get families/friends to stop using their phones while eating and talk to each other and communicate more. Turns out the co-owner,Varinder Malhi noticed how much time he was spending with his phone and not with his family so he wanted to change that. He figured what better way to entice people to talk more than by offering free food. 

So far the restaurant has given away between 40 and 50 pizzas.

Source: Facebook

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