Revolting Reason You Should Wash Your Bed Sheets More Often

Slipping into fresh, clean bedding is one of life’s small pleasures. But many of us are guilty of not changing our sheets regularly enough. While you may think that popping them in the wash every three or four weeks is enough, experts say it’s definitely not. In fact, new research has proven that bacteria linked to pneumonia and gonorrhea starts growing in your bed within seven days.

Last year, British bed retailer Time4Sleep conducted a survey that revealed that one in four of us wait as long as a month to wash our bedding. As a result, it decided to carry out an experiment to see what a four-week-old bedsheet looks like under the microscope. The findings by week four revealed an alarming list of dangerous bacteria growing inside the Petri dishes. Jonathan Warren, CEO at Time4Sleep, said we should change our bedding at least every two weeks.

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