Nevada’s The First State To Ban Weed Tests For A Job

Even though the weed legalization movement has expanded over the last few years, some employers still hold true to the pot pee-test. In states where recreational and/or medical marijuana use is legal, doctors can lose their licenses, pro-athletes can get suspended, and the Average Joe can get canned for something they did days, or even weeks ago…legally.

But in Nevada? That day’s coming to an end – as Bill AB 132 goes into effect in Nevada starting in January. It says that it’ll be illegal for a company to refuse to hire someone because of a positive marijuana test. Since the stuff’s now legal recreationally in the state, it seemed a tad hypocritical to have it linger over your head when you’re just trying to get a job. However, it does depend on the job.

If you’re a firefighter or an EMT, you’re still subjected to tests. Same goes for anyone with a job that “could adversely affect the safety of others.” Then, there’s the truckers. If “federal law dictates a test is required,” then you’ve gotta pee clean. Finally, there are employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements. If your deal says you’ve got to test, then you’re locked in until you can get the deal re-worded at renewal time.


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