A New, Tiny Bikini Top with a "Luggage Strap"

I'm not sure what catches the eye more about this bikini: How TINY it is . . . or what a weird clasp it uses. And maybe that's the point. The fashion company ASOS is selling a new product called the "Buckle Micro Bikini Top."

It's a TINY bikini top that only covers a fraction of what most tops cover. And the clasp in front is a big, chunky plastic one, like you'd see on a luggage strap or the back of a fanny pack. People have been mocking it online for somehow being simultaneously too sexy and too awkward. But hey, if you're interested, it's only $11 on ASOS's website.

One word of warning, though: It's for posing on the beach and on Instagram only. The instructions for the bikini say, quote, "Do not immerse in water." 

(Daily Mirror

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