Most People Are Satisfied With Their Sex Life

While there are a lot of things that go into making a relationship solid, sex is certainly one of them, and it seems most people are doing pretty well in that department. A new poll finds that 92% of Americans say they are at least satisfied with the quality of their sex life, with 57% saying they are very satisfied.

So, what is the key to a happy sex life? Well, apparently talking, with 74% of people saying that telling their partner how to please them has increased their sexual experience, with 60% of people unafraid to give their partner feedback as long at it translates to more satisfaction in the bedroom.

And talking to a partner is pretty important since bad sex is a deal breaker for most folks. In fact, three quarters of people say they’ve experienced bad sex, with 37% breaking things off because the sex was so bad. And it doesn’t take long for people to make that decision, with one in six ending things after no more than two bad sexual encounters. 

And bad sex is so bad,that 24% of people would rather stand in line at DMV than have bad sex, while 42% of people would rather have no sex at all than have to deal with bad sex.Other things people would rather do than have bad sex include:

  • Watch a boring movie (35%)
  • Masturbate (33%)
  • Sit in traffic (28%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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