Sex Dolls Made To Look Like The Deceased Partners Help With Loneliness

The sex doll industry is a growing business with huge money-making potential. It also is a great way to combat loneliness. 

Jade Stanley is a mother of four and she launched "Sex Doll Official" in 2018. It's a company which sells customizable dolls designed for different purposes. One of the services they offer is to create a replica of a deceased partner.

She says that loneliness is a big issue for people, especially for those that lose a loved one. She also says these dolls are often not about the sex but rather more about the companionship.

When it comes to replicas of living people, however, you have to have written permission from the person in question. 

These dolls aren't exactly cheap either. The basic model runs for around $1600. Some of the more customizable dolls can run as much as $6000. 

Source: Metro

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