This Year's World's Ugliest Dog Contest

The 31st annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest went down this weekend in northern California and the winner this year is . . . well, not that ugly.

The winner is a small mutt named Scamp the Tramp. His signature features are beady eyes and wild, disheveled, multicolored hair . . . some of which has matted into DREADLOCKS. He also has short, stubby legs and zero teeth.

He's kinda ugly, sure . . . but you might not even turn your head if you saw him on the street.

The runner up was a Pekinese named Wild Thing with tons of hair and a tongue that droops out of the side of its mouth.

Scamp the Tramp's owners will get a trophy, $1,500 in cash, and an appearance on the"Today"show. The contest will also make a $1,500 donation to an animal shelter in Scamp's name. 

(Daily Mail)

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