Over 2,000 People Hit a Lottery Jackpot with the Numbers "0-0-0-0"

Here's a reminder that you don't have to try so hard all the time. Sometimes you come out on top, even with minimal effort . . .

Over 2,000 people in North Carolina hit a lottery jackpot on Saturday . . . by playing the numbers ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO.

2,014 people played those numbers. About half of them bought one-dollar tickets, and got a $5,000 payout. The other half bought 50-cent tickets, and won $2,500.

The odds of matching all four numbers in the "Carolina Pick 4" game are 1 in 10,000. And it turns out the all-zeroes combo is one of the more POPULAR sets of numbers people play.

The total payout of $7.8 million is the largest in the game's history.

The previous record was $7.5 million. It happened in 2012 . . . when the four winning numbers were ONE-ONE-ONE-ONE. 


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