A New Blend of Hormones Can Allow Men to Lactate and Breastfeed

Alright guys, show of hands. Who's up for this? A product designer in England recently won an award for a new kit that would allow men to actually LACTATE and BREASTFEED their baby. Apparently guys already have the necessary breast tissue. It's just dormant. So she put together a prototype kit that includes a male maternity bra, and a breast pump. But the lactation part mainly involves two hormone pills.

One is a birth control pill a lot of women take called progestin, that tricks your body into thinking you're pregnant. And the other pill makes you produce something called prolactin, which causes lactation.

You'd start taking the first one nine months ahead of time, and the second one four times a day for six weeks before the due date. And she says combining them WILL make men lactate so they can breastfeed . . . or "CHEST-feed," as she calls it.

Obviously a lot of men . . . and women . . . think this is nuts. But a handful of guys have already signed up for the first trial. And it could be on the market within five years.

The woman behind it claims it's completely safe. And once you stop taking the pills, your body goes back to normal.

She says she designed it to give men a new way to bond with their kids, and to help take pressure off moms. 


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