You Can Now Get A Ring Made From Your Favorite Canned Fish

Listen, I love tuna fish out of the can just as much as anyone else but I don't love it enough to wear a ring made out of the can. Well, thanks to the Canned Goods Ring Collection by Artuniv Techni Colour, anyone can adorn their fingers with one of six rings replicating different varieties of canned seafood. The rings are available in either Akebono Salmon, Akebono Snow Crab, Mackerel Boiled in Curry, Tsukihana Boiled Mackerel, Akebono Boiled Hotate Scallops, and Boiled Pacific Saury. The only problem is that these rings are only available through capsule machines across Japan for 300 yen or $2.78. I'm sure you'll be able to order these on Amazon soon so don't give up hope. You might be able to wear your favorite canned fish on your fingers sooner rather than later. 

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