Elite Stone Skippers Face Off in Annual Michigan Contest

A new champion "rock star" was crowned in Michigan at the 51st Annual Stone Skipping Competition. Stone skippers competed in amateur and professional categories at the contest on Mackinac Island, which was kicked off by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer throwing out the first stone. Kurt Steiner, who holds the Guinness World Record for stone skipping after throwing a rock that skipped 88 times on the surface of the water, was among the professional "rock stars" to compete.

The prize, a Grand Hotel goblet stuffed with $200, went to first-time champion Maxwell Steiner, who managed 20 skips in a single throw. "I haven't thrown a stone actually in two years so just getting back into it and everything. Pretty nervous today so I'm glad it went the right way for me," Steiner told WWTV.

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