Who's Up for the Spice Pizza Challenge?

There are some people who crave spice and heat. Sometimes it’s for flavor. Other times it’s for drunk frat guys to win a bet. Papa Pancho in Edison, New Jersey might be a destination for those who want to test their ability to take the heat.

The Indian-themed pizza joint was looking for a signature pie to get their name out there. They may have found it in the “Spice Pizza” Challenge. Since it’s been around, only about 250 people have taken on the pie, and only 12 of those people finished within the 10 minutes given. Each one had to sign a waiver, and the menu makes it clear that you are eating the pizza “at your own risk and agree not to hold Papa Pancho liable for any physical or emotional damage after eating it.”

Some of the ingredients are simple: red onion, pineapple, red peppers, roasted garlic, cheese, and jalapenos, but the sauce gives it the pants-filling heat. In it, you’ll find a mixture of Bhut Jolokia – otherwise known as “Ghost Pepper” – and Carolina Reaper. Then, they add some Ghost Pepper Chili Powder and some Indian Green Chili.Kamal Arora owns the place and says when people order the challenge pizza, it has, on occasion, gotten bad, with people “turning red” and occasionally there’s a need to get the EMS involved.


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