Free Beer! If You Can Find A Bar Hidden In A Forest

The phrase “Free Beer” is a unifying force for all of mankind. It can right wrongs, heal wounds, and draw common bonds. Busch is giving you the chance to score that free beer, along with some swag. All you’ve got to do is find their “hidden” pop-up shop on July 20th between 10am and 5pm.

This hidden pop-up shop is going to be located in a “national forest located in the United States.” To make it easier, Busch will be giving clues on their official Twitter account. The first one was posted yesterday just after 1pm and said “fill in the blank – the Busch pop-up is located in the U _ A.” There are 19 national forests that start with the letter “S,” so maybe one of them is the key.

Once you figure it out, go and pay them a visit. You can also register for a raffle that will land someone free beer “for life,” passes to all the national parks, a four-person cabin getaway, and other cool stuff…hopefully without getting ticks or something like that.


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