A Wife's Chore Sticker Chart for Her Husband

There's a picture going viral from Reddit right now of a woman's chore sticker chart for her husband. And it has some interesting rewards every time the guy does one of the chores six times and gets six stickers . . .

1. Wash the dishes . . . 12 pack of your favorite beer.

2. Put the toilet seat down . . . no nagging for a week.

3. Change a blowout diaper . . . naked hula dance.

4. Bathe the kids . . . I won't donate your favorite pit-stained t-shirt.

5. Pack the kids' lunches . . . one "get out of the dog house free" card.

6. Vacuum the car seats . . . don't have to go to some annoying kid's birthday party.

7. Clean up throw up . . . a SEXUAL FAVOR. 

So is this funny and a good way to motivate someone to pitch in . . . or is it a bad look for an infantilized husband and a wife bartering sex for basic parenting chores? The responses are split, but lean toward "bad." 

(New York Post

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