This is Interesting!

Did you know there was a direct correlation between the success of the Florida Gators football program and the band Tool? A Reddit user named “u/22eyedgargoyle1” has spelled it all out, and it’s pretty fascinating, to say the least.

  • Tool’s debut, “Undertow,” was released in April of 1993. That’s the same year the Gators won the SEC against Alabama, and Sugar Bowl over West Virginia – finishing 4thin the nation.
  • “Aenima” came out in September of 1996. That’s the year they finished 12-1 and were SEC, Sugar Bowl, and consensus National Champions.
  • In 2001, Tool released “Lateralus.” The Gators, in turn, finished 10-2 and were Orange Bowl champions. Then, Spurrier gave the NFL a try.
  • In 2006, Tool came out with “10,000 Days.” That’s when Florida became National Champions again.

Tool’s first album in 13 years will be coming out in August…it sounds like the Gators best be stepping things up a bit


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