Women Prefer The “Dad Bod” To The “Gym Rat”

There’s some good news brewing if you’re the type that prefers watching TV with a big ol’ bowl of chips over hittin it hard at the gym. Researchers from Germany’s University of Gottingen teamed up with the women’s health app, Clue, to find out what the ladies really want in a dude.

Researchers hit up 68-thousand women from all over the world, of all ages, and sexual preferences. What they learned was that 45% of the ladies preferred a guy to have an “average” body type, whereas 35% wanted their guy to have an “athletic” build.

Other traits that came on strong:

  • Kindness was most valued, at 90%, with supportiveness, confidence, intelligence, and education getting high marks, too.
  • Only 2.5% percent of the women surveyed wanted their guy to have an “incredible muscular physique.”
  • Other physical attributes of note were a “lovely smile, nice eyes, big hands, muscular arms” and short hair (sorry rocker dudes).
  • Having an “average sized” dangler was also the weapon of choice for these girls.

There’s hope for the every-man, yet!

Source:LAD Bible

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