Sony Wants to Build a Wearable ‘Air Conditioner’

Sony, via its experimental First Flight program, is crowdfunding a wearable “air conditioner” known as the Reon Pocket that people could wear as they deal with high temperatures. According to a translated version of the website, the device would reside in a pocket of a special t-shirt and would use the Peltier effect to lower or raise a person’s body temperature. It could be lowered as much as 23 degrees Fahrenheit or raised as much as 14 degrees, depending upon a person’s needs. The Japanese-based tech conglomerate has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal of 66 million yen ($606,474) for the Reon Pocket. Starting at $117, the Reon Pocket can be controlled via an app, but unfortunately, isn’t expected to be available for this summer, which has already seen sizzling temperatures in various parts of the globe.

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