New Dating App Won’t Show You Pics Until You Get To Know Them A Little

If you’re looking for some ‘meat market/booty-call’ action, apps like Tinder can be a wonderful thing. If you’re looking for something more substantive, they can be frustrating. Those apps encourage you to look at the “hot” factor first, judge whether they meet your unrealistic standards, and miss out on some really decent people who get lost in the mix because they didn’t win the gene-pool lottery.

A new app in China, called Qiao Qiao, is trying to add more substance to the electronic dating world. Being called the “Chinese Tinder,” Qiao Qiao “forces users to get to know a person behind the phone before seeing any pictures.”

At the start, you’ll see a blurred picture of your “match.” The more you communicate with each other, the clearer the picture becomes. Not only that – before you can even match with someone else, you’ve got to have a minimum of 60% of your profile information filled out (of course, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll be honest about yourself, or not). Finally, the app will only suggest five possible matches each day and users can initiate another ten.

Right now, Qiao Qiao is only a Chinese thing, but you can expect to see it in a U.S app store in due time.

Source:Radii China

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