White Castle Giving Away 1 Million Free Sliders

White Castle announced that it would be giving away 1 million sliders in honor of the 15th anniversary of the 2004 comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which saw its two protagonists set off across New Jersey on a quest for White Castle hamburgers — all while stoned, of course.

The offer comes with a catch, though. Customers wishing to claim their share of free sliders must order via Uber Eats using the promo code 1MILLIONSLIDERS. There’s also a limit to the number of sliders any single customer can request, which is set at one “10-sack” per order. So no, you can’t pull up the Uber Eats app and try to order the entire million yourself.

The million-slider giveaway extends through Aug. 31, or until the 1-million mark has been reached. And fans needn't worry about Harold and/or Kumar scooping up the free sliders before anyone else has a chance; for the sequels, both of them famously eschewed White Castle in favor of Guantanamo Bay and shooting Santa Claus in the head.

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