Sharing A Toothbrush Isn’t As Gross As You Think

Aside for intentionally blowing ass on your significant other’s pillow, there are few things that’ll bring true disgust into a relationship than using the other’s toothbrush. It’s a line that should never be crossed, right? But then, considering that you’re regularly kissing and sharing other body parts, is it really that bad?

In short, Columbia University’s Dr. John Grbic says that toothbrush sharing is far different than kissing because the brush will “disrupt the bacteria” on your teeth and gums.Kissing won’t do that, unless you have incredibly forceful and active tongue action going on in there. According to studies, 100-million bacteria will stick to a toothbrush, and using someone else’s will give you a good shot at getting their plaque and periodontal disease bacteria in your mouth.

On the other hand, Grbic also says bacteria are comfortable in the mouth they’re in and it’s unlikely you’ll get stuck with your significant other’s mouth funk if you do it. Plus, your toothpaste will likely knock most of it. Your risk of getting something like mouth herpes or mono increase, if she has it…but that can happen with kissing, too.So, it’s the same difference.

If you need to share and want to protect yourself there are some easy things you can do. Either swirl the toothbrush in Listerine or give it a good rinsing with peroxide – just make sure you rinse it for 15-30 seconds afterwards to clean it off before you pop it into your mouth.

Source:Men’s Health

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