Bride Ruins Her $15,000 Wedding Dress When She "Gambled on a Fart and Lost"

It's NEVER good when life imitates the movie"Bridesmaids". A wedding planner just posted an EPIC disaster story on Reddit, and it's going to be hard to top this one.

She says the bride was difficult, and before the first dance and cake cutting, she disappeared. When the wedding planner found her, there was a big issue.

Quote, "The bride had gambled on a fart and lost in a big way."

Apparently she'd been drinking health shakes to slim down for the wedding, then drank alcohol and ate a big breakfast that day and what came out of her, quote, "Was slimy, oily even, with stringy bits and the consistency of hair gel."

There's more. Quote, "The smell was unrivaled. [And] the shaper the bride wore was a latex deal that came down over the thighs and up to her bra. Waterproof, the poo had just sort of filled it."

The planner and her staff tried to clean the bride up, but she had a brown streak down the back of her $15,000 dress . . . which the groom touched during the first dance.

Once he figured out what happened, he asked if they could cancel the garter toss because he didn't want to reach under her dress to get it. 

(Reddit/Daily Mirror)

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