Science Says Heavy Metal is Good for You!

Go ahead . . . crank that MOTORHEAD. It's good for you. A psychology professor by the name of Nick Perham says that if you're a metal fan, your music is actually good for your mental health. And it does NOT make you violent or angry. Perham says, quote, "Recently published research has shown that fans do not become sensitized to violence . . . Indeed, studies have shown long-term fans were happier in their youth and better adjusted in middle age compared to their non-fan counterparts."

Also, metal fans who listen while they're angry don't get angrier . . . they feel more POSITIVE . . . which suggests the music is, quote, "a healthy and functional way of processing anger."

One more thing metal can do for you is PROMOTE SCIENTIFIC THINKING. But this isn't a quality of the music itself.

Perham says that when headbangers have to defend their music against accusations that it's harmful or evil . . . as they often do . . . it can sharpen the tools they need to argue a position logically.

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