Students Sign Petition To Ban "Offensive" White Man In Crosswalk Sign

How far will the politically correct culture take us? “Campus Reform” decided to find out with a test.

George Washington University students recently voted to ban their Colonials mascot, so “Campus Reform” decided to do a little test on the Washington, DC campus. They created a fake petition to ban the white man in the crosswalk sign and students fell for it.

The “petition” stated “As we students cross the street, we are told by the symbol of a white man when it is okay to cross. Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals, and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this.”

Many students signed the document and one faculty member even jumped on board. The video of the petition drive is both funny and scary. One student signed the paper and proclaimed “There’s definitely a lack of representation,” Another student said “That’s so cute! Oh my god yeah. I can see like, I guess, why some students have a problem with it… I’ll totally sign that.”

Goodbye crosswalk man?

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