Area 51 Locals Pissed About “AlienStock”

Sometimes you can just sense a train wreck coming from miles away. That catastrophe may be in the form of AlienStock. That’s the festival created after the viral sensation that took over the world in July with the “Storm Area 51” event. Even though no sane person would actually “storm” the military installation (and plenty said they would anyway), the festival’s now scheduled from September 20th– 22ndto “celebrate aliens and the unknown.”

One group of people who aren’t the least bit happy about this “festival” are the residents of Rachel, Nevada. On the town’s official website, they make it clear that the “residents were not asked…are not on board” and have zero desire to have their town “taken over.” They also fear that local cops and first responders will be overwhelmed and warn that “local residents will set up to protect their property.”

The town also has issued this warning for those who want to make the interplanetary party trek. Other than a 10-room hotel that’s completely booked with a small bar and restaurant,there are no services in the 50-person town of Rachel. That includes no store or gas station. So, those who attend should be “experienced in camping, hiking, and camping in a harsh desert environment…and be prepared to be completely on your own for gas, food, and water.” Meanwhile, the AlienStock website says, “We'll have the critical infrastructure set in place, we can't wait to share this experience!” That, even though it’s likely that taking credit cards will be a problem, and they’re promising plenty of live music, though no bands are specifically mentioned on the site.

Good luck everyone…it sounds like you might need it.


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