Soon enough, your micropenis could become POPULAR.

Good news: Soon enough, your micropenis could become POPULAR. I mean, not YOUR micropenis, I'm sure you're packing heat, bro. Other people's.

"Vice" just published a thorough research paper on why small men's junk could go into style again. It's almost as if someone over there had a personal stake in the subject.

Basically, they say that throughout history, society has traded off between valuing big junk and small junk. Like the ancient Greeks, for instance, thought it was AWFUL to be big in the pants and it looked way better to be small.

One ancient erotic art scholar . . . that's a real thing . . . says the Greeks felt, quote, "A human with very large genitalia is considered to be grotesque, laughable." Medieval art and ancient Egyptian art also show a preference for small-junked men.

But sometime around the early 16th century, opinions changed . . . and large genitalia became the preference.

So why do some experts think opinions are ready to swing in the other direction?

Well, basically, society is due based on past cycles . . . plus, as we continue to evolve as a society and people are more vocal about what they want sexually, there could be a shift toward small junk. 


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