There’s A Tool To Predict Chance Of Rain On Your Wedding Day

When it comes to a wedding, you can plan pretty much everything, except the weather. No one wants rain on their wedding day, even if some people say it’s good luck. But with most wedding dates set months or a year in advance, there hasn’t been a way to predict the weather forecast … until now.

The Monsoon wedding calculator uses data from the past 86 years to establish which days have historically been the driest and which ones are most likely to get a downpour. All you have to do is put in your wedding date, or the date of the nuptials you’re attending as a guest, as well as the location and it will predict how likely it is to rain based on the weather in previous years.

Is it 100% accurate? Of course not, but it could help ease the fears of brides-to-be so they don’t feel the need to check the weather forecast hundreds of times. And even if you’re just a wedding guest, it’s nice to know what to plan for, so you can do your hair - or not - accordingly.


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