Can Men Smell How FERTILE Women Are?

Scientists from the University of Zurich asked a group of males to rank the body odors of 28 women of a reproductive age.

The women had previously been tested for their levels of key fertility hormones. All the men agreed the most pleasant odors were given off by women with the highest levels of estrogen.

Estrogen regulates the menstrual cycle and causes eggs to mature in a girl's ovaries when she reaches puberty. Since this hormone is a 'signifier of fertility', the findings suggest 'body odors are linked with reproductive health, which men can sense via smell', the researchers said.

Results revealed all the men found the odors of women with high levels of estradiol in their saliva the most attractive.Perhaps surprisingly, the males were also drawn to the females who produced low amounts of progesterone, despite its links to fertility

'Since estradiol and progesterone levels are signifiers of reproductive health and fertility, researchers suggest body odors are linked with women's reproductive health, which men can sense via smell,' the authors wrote.

--Bit Idea: Add for “Bestrogen,” the fragrance for women that’s made from the sweat and spit of other women who are ovulating. If you want, they’ll bottle your own fluids from your most fertile times, and you can “Be your Bestrogen self.”


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