Is there anything better than taking off your bra at the end of the day?

There’s a new Coors Light commercial that anyone who’s ever worn a bra can relate to. It shows a woman dressed in office attire coming home to her apartment, kicking off her heels, opening her fridge and cracking open a beer. But then she unhooks her bra, pulls it off through her shirt and tosses it on the sofa. The on-screen text announces that Coors Light is “the official beer of being done wearing a bra.”

It’s a big departure from typical beer ads which usually show a group of racially diverse good-looking 20-somethings partying on a beach or at a backyard BBQ with a cooler full of cold cans. But Coors Light is focusing on females with this commercial and we get that blissful feeling that comes from being “unhooked.” In the commercial, the woman even has a Band-Aid covering the blister on her heel - which shows someone who’s actually worn heels helped make the ad. It may not make us run out and buy Coors Light, but it’s still nice to feel acknowledged.

Source:The Takeout