"Poop Like a Champion" Cereal Is Available

If you're pooping like a rookie, pooping like a benchwarmer, or pooping like a team that makes the playoffs but gets eliminated in the second round, it's time to step up your game . . . and poop like a champion today. How? By buying a high-fiber cereal that's literally called Poop Like a Champion.

It's available on Amazon and a box will run you $12, but it just might be worth it.

It's got two more grams of total fiber than Fiber One cereal, five more grams of soluble fiber . . . and a three-and-a-half star rating after 310 reviews.

The reviews basically agree the flavor isn't amazing . . . but you're not buying it for the taste. As one reviewer wrote, quote, "Works as advertised." 

(Oddity Central)

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