Ways To Fix Your Foot Stank

If you haven’t been the cause,you’ve certainly at least been the victim. Reeking feet have a scent all their own and can clear out a room in no time flat. To keep from being pegged as the guy who nobody wants to be near when you’re barefoot, there are a few quick hacks you can rely on. These each take 5 minutes and can leave your feet feeling fresh and stink-free.

  • Black Tea –Take a couple spoonfuls of black tea and boil it like you would when you wanted to drink it. You can even add some salt to make it more soothing. When it cools, wash your feet with it. The antioxidants and bacteria are good for the skin and will keep the stench at bay.
  • Alcohol –It’s a great disinfectant. Take some cheap vodka or whisky and wash for feet with it. Just don’t waste the good stuff doing this.
  • Mouthwash –It’s the same basic principle as alcohol. The alcohol in it kills germs in your mouth – why would your feet be any different?
  • Exfoliate –Get a quality scrubber or pumice stone and get that dead skin off those bad boys. You’d be surprised how much stink comes from that stuff. A warm water soak beforehand makes it easier.
  • Air Out The Shoes –Take out the laces, pull out the tongue, and let the sun hit your shoes. Also, try not wearing the same pair every day. And DO wear socks.
  • Talcum Powder –After you shower, try some foot powder. It absorbs moisture and keeps foot sweat under control. It smells good, too!

You might also try washing your socks after each wear, rather than waiting until they smell funky to put them in the hamper.

Source:Mens XP

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