Berkeley Adds an 'Adulting' Class

"Adulting" classes have been springing up over the years, instructing millennials how to cook, manage their time, and pay their taxes. Now, the University of California Berkeley has an offering, too. Students Belle Lau and Jenny Zhou launched the adulting class, exploring "the many dimensions of how to successfully adult.” We realized the things we don't learn in school are topics like taxes and just how to take care of yourself," says Lau, a 20-year-old junior. "We're the middlemen trying to get professionals to talk about these topics to students." The response was so overwhelming, with 100 people applying to fill the class' 30 seats, that two sessions will be offered this fall.

Students have already heard from Lau’s mother, an accountant. A Lyft recruiter also spoke on resume building, while an economics professor advised saving half of all earnings. In reporting last year that adulting classes were "expanding across the country," CBS News noted millennials may be behind on certain skills as many have never lived apart from their parents.