Boston Market Will Give Someone One Ton of Mac and Cheese

Want to win a lifetime supply of mac and cheese? Of course you do. Want to go swimming in a giant bowl of mac and cheese? Um . . .

Boston Market just launched a new rewards program. And to kick things off, they're giving out a sweet prize to the first person to get 10,000 points: They'll win ONE TON of any side dish.

That could be mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, or anything else Boston Market offers.

And . . . they're totally flexible with how you'll get your 2,000 pounds of food. If you want to divide it up so you get a portion every day for decades, that's fine. Or if you want it all in one giant bowl, they say, quote, "We'll deliver via a one-ton freight."

To get 10,000 points, someone will have to spend $10,000. Man, it would be ROUGH to be the person who spends $10,000 at Boston Market and finds out someone else did it first and got the ton of mac and cheese. 

(New York Post)

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