The Entire 2019 NFL Season…Simulated

For those who don’t want to wait it out, you’ll be happy to know the entire 2019 NFL season has been simulated. All 267 games, all the way to the Super Bowl, have been played out via ESPN’s simulators. Here’s a sample of how their computers have things playing out:

The Eagles, 49’ers, Packers, and Saints clinch their NFC divisions, with the Falcons and Rams getting Wild Card berths.

The Patriots, Chargers, Browns, and Texans clinch their AFC divisions, with the Steelers and Titans getting Wild Card berths.

The Bengals land next year’s first draft pick with a 3-13 finish.

The Saints end up winning the Super Bowl with a 40-33 win over the Chargers.

Place your bets now…in case the computer’s right.


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